“Without your help, there is no way that my web site would have grown the way it has. The ease of sign up as well as the reliability of your service has made my life significantly less stressful than when I was using other services. I am able to send out my newsletters when I want and in the format I want and I would like to thank you for your wonderful service. Thank you!” Lawrence Fine

President, Fine Soccer (The World's Largest Soccer Newsletter)

I have worked with Jim for at least 11 or 12 years now, and he has been the balance of building my business. His knowledge of the internet and contact lists (thousands) have led my newsletters and online magazines to top of mind awareness. Since working with Jim, I have received numerous calls from national media, advertisers and other businesses that want to know who does my web site marketing and publicity, a true testimony to his great work. I cannot imagine ever using anyone else to work in a field where he seems to be the best. Judi Gallagher

ABC 7 Cooking In Paradise, Judi Gallagher and Associates

Gulf Coast Internet Publishing is the reason our Online Magazine exists, grows in readership each month, and looks so inviting. They took a dream that two women had to create a new publication dedicated to the pleasures of the table and transformed that vision into a dynamic online monthly publication. Jim (the owner’s) award-winning expertise,  guidance, and long experience in the industry are well known to professionals where he is respected as an author of e-books, a creator of Web sites and a manager of sites that have power in the marketplace because of his navigation skills. He’s certainly brought our publication into the professional world of Internet publishing. Marsha Fottler

ABC - 7 , ABC - 7 My Suncoast Design and Decor

“Working with GC Publishing has been delightful. They so easy to work with, and is able to translate complicated technology lingo into something I can understand. Jim has taken our website to the next level! Our web presence increase substantially. Choosing to work with GC Publishing was the best decision for my business.” Coral Please

Founder, Preseident, Cutting Loose Salons

“Thanks for your help with mass mailings and marketing!” Mark Sanford

Governor, South Carolina

Your email marketing services are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance! Senator Chip Campsen

South Carolina, South Carolina

When it comes to marketing and publicity online, I find myself asking the question, ‘What would Jim do?'” He’s not a miracle worker, but he comes pretty close. New Jersey certainly produces a lot of good sales people! Gary Hausrath (GX Allen)

Former studio keyboardist for 70's hit group - Toto

Gulf Coast has taken my company’s website from bland to effective in a very short period of time. Their knowledge of SEO has helped move my site forward and their level of expertise and ability to explain how things work has helped me to them in accomplishing this. They’ve created websites for my businesses that allow me to communicate with my clients. They’ve also shown me how to access relevant uses on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking  sites. Jim, the owner, has a comfortable style of explaining how all of the internet uses intertwine and has removed a lot of the mystery surrounding these new options for marketing my business.

I have used his services for publicity and blog publishing and his connections are outstanding. I have recommended him to several business associates, which I never do unless I am confident that  my recommendations will be of help and my friends will be treated well. The feedback has been great, they have all been pleased and thankful to me for the introduction.

Lori Frary

Owner, Frary Brand Finishes

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