By Jim Galiano –

Some online businesses have a lot longer shelf-life than others. When I first started selling information online back in the 90’s, the competition was a fraction of what it is today. I still create, publish and market information online. Truth be told, I’ve actually had to “reinvent” my approach three times since first starting.

The old advice, “Do what you’ve been doing and you’ll continue to get what you’ve been getting,” is just as true in the online world as it is in the offline one.

Reinventing your online business, however, doesn’t have to be a major undertaking – consuming your time and money along the way.

The process can be as simple as a series of tweaks that, once completed, will cause you to look back on the process and wish you would have made the move sooner.


  1. Tweak your message.  There are a variety of ways to say or present your message. If the way you’re doing it now isn’t working, CHANGE IT.  You can say the same thing 1,000 different ways – each way emphasizing your point a little differently. Why are you the best choice in your market? What advantages do you have or offer? If you’re in a market that’s saturated with competitors – this is your chance to get really creative.
  2. Change your website. If your website looks “old or dated,” it may be time for a fresh overhaul. Is your message lost amongst a myriad of options or choices? The average person will spend seconds on your site before leaving if they don’t find something to catch their attention IMMEDIATELY. Less is better more often than you’d imagine.
  3. Say it with Video. A picture can be worth a thousand words… and when it comes to video, you can say a whole lot in a short period of time. Cameras and editing software are cheaper than ever before. Hey, you’ll never know until you try, right?
  4. Use Free Publicity. A press release mailing blasted out to the offline and online world can bring your business a lot of attention in a hurry. Make sure you have a “story angle,” though, if at all possible. Informative, controversial, eye-opening stories get a lot more mileage than, “We’re having an open house on Friday with popcorn and juice available.”

There are countless other ways to repackage your business online. Most business owners aren’t comfortable with change. After all, if a certain way has worked in the past, it should work again, right?

To that I would say, take a good look around you. Everything’s changing. It’s changing so fast and so drastically in some cases, it’s harder than ever to forecast what tomorrow may bring. It’s almost a given, however, that tomorrow will look much different than yesterday. If there was ever a time to adapt your business to the changes that are happening all around us, now is that time.